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Damp Surveys

Many surveys are geared towards selling a ‘solution’ rather than finding the cause of the problem. These often rely on damp meter readings solely. This approach is both inadequate and short sighted leading to many mis-diagnoses of the true causes of ‘damp’ in your home. Whether a pre-purchase damp and timber survey or an ongoing damp issue that requires investigation, we can provide honest professional advice.


At Plumb Stone Surveyors we have a different approach to our surveys.


As we are completely independent we have no vested interest in diagnosing any particular issue or recommending expensive repair works. We provide honest professional advice.


Our surveys are in depth taking into account the construction of the property, materials used and any relevant environmental factors. We carry out in-depth, non-invasive investigations to confirm and record relevant information such as:

  • Internal humidity levels
  • Electronic moisture readings
  • Air and surface temperatures
  • Thermal imaging
  • Salt analysis of plaster

These investigations allow us to correctly diagnose issues and advise on the repair work required. We also offer detailed reports.

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The Surveys

Damp Surveys normally take between 1 – 3 hours depending upon extent of investigation and type of report required, the accessible areas and size of the property.


We carry out pre-purchase damp surveys where issues have been raised on a Home Buyers report or Mortgage Valuation. We also carry out specialist damp surveys and investigations for homeowners and landlords to investigate existing issues. We provide clarity on the nature of the problem and offer advice on any work required to repair.


The fee for surveys are determined in discussion prior to the survey and are based on the type of survey required, size of the property and number of hours required on site.

Plumb Stone Surveyors

Our surveyors have a wealth of experience in home surveying, with a background expertise in ventilation needs and condensation problems, as well as Damp issues and general defects.

Our surveying has covered property across Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Wales, Merseyside and Greater Manchester

Our Work

We have experience of all types of property of different ages and construction types.

Our philosophy is to be completely objective, honest and offer the best quality advice we possibly can.

We want homeowners to be able to make informed decisions about any home they intend to buy and more importantly to be able to avoid undertaking unnecessary costly repairs and actions.