Listed Building Surveys Cheshire, North Wales, West Midlands & Surrounding Areas

Listed buildings are buildings, objects or structures that have been judged to be of national importance in terms of their architectural or historic interest. When buying a listed building there are additional legal liabilities and restrictions to consider.

Whilst the Listed Building Survey is conducted in the same format as a Level 3 Building Survey, there is also greater emphasis on matters specifically relating to the listed status;

  • Assessment of any building alterations and whether they are legal/in-line with planning requirements
  • Consideration and assessment of the building’s significance and historical importance
  • Advice on what repairs and maintenance would be most appropriate
  • Where relevant, further testing and tools can be utilised including thermal imaging and humidity readings
  • Our surveyors have the necessary experience with historic buildings and are registered in Building Conservation with the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

Listed Building Info & Myths

  • Contrary to belief by some people, the listing covers the whole property, inside and out, and any structure within the curtilage.
  • Legal liabilities are the same irrespective of the grade of the listing, be it Grade I, Grade II or Grade II*.
  • Modern/later extensions to the original building are not exempt from the listing.
  • Any alterations or repairs that could affect the character of the building will require consent.
  • Generally speaking, ‘like for like’ repairs are permitted without consents.

Case Study

A Listed Building Survey was carried out on a 17th Century timber framed cottage in Shropshire.

We identified several serious issues, such as rot and decay to the exterior timber framing.

Our report provided detailed advice for the homeowner on necessary repairs and appropriate materials to use.